OBOURN PUBLICATION NEWS—It’s not easy to find my work, but it’s free! Peter Obourn’s recent work is available online or will be available online. Just click on the hyperlinks below.


“Adirondack Winter,” Blueline Anthology, 2004

“First Potato Poem: Where The Rutabaga Comes From,” Gastronomica, 2008

“Sixth Potato Poem: Failing Memory,” Gastronomica, 2008

“The History Of The World,” Spillway, 2007

“The Green Shed,” Blueline, 2001

“Women Traveling Together,” Spillway, 2007

“Ode to Father’s Day,” The Round, 2013

Short Stories

“The Heyday Of The Adirondacks,” Blueline, 2001

“How To Shift The Lumber Truck,” Blueline, 2001

“My First Time,” The Legendary, Issue 29, 2011

“The Liberation,” New Orleans Review, Issue 35.1

“Maureen and Sylvia,” Wild Violet, 2013

 “Edith’s Summer,” Stickman Review, 2013

“No More Nickernackin’,” Switchback, Volume 18, 2013

“Scenes From A Widower’s Life,” The Write Room, 2013

“Marilee,” Forge, Issue 6.4, 2013

“This Poem Is Not In A Box,” Viral Cat, 2013

“The Birds Of Bristol Court,” Crack The Spine, Issue 97 & Spring Print Anthology 2014

“The Bull,” Riddle Fence, January 2014

“In Which Walt Weighs 300 Pounds And Cindy Has Sex With The Pool Boy,” Saint Ann’s Review, Spring 2015

“An Artist in the Family,” Hawaii Pacific Review, January 2016

“The Filmmaker and the Night Watchman,” Valparaiso Fiction Review, Volume 5, Issue 2 (2016) Summer 2016

“The Goldfish With Long Black Hair,” Griffin, Fall 2016


“The Social Worker”

“The Bowl of Walnuts”


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